Metalline Products

Tin and Tin Alloy Strippers

Metalline Corporation manufactures specialty chemicals that will effectively strip Tin, Tin Lead and Tin-Nickel Alloy deposits from copper, brass, steel and nickel plated deposits without attacking the base metal. 

  • METALLINE 361 is a powdered alkaline immersion stripper that will rapidly strip Tin and Tin Lead deposits from steel, brass and copper alloys.  METALLINE 361 is combined with water and sodium hydroxide, then heated to increase the activity and strip rate.  METALLINE 361 does not contain cyanide and when maintained properly will not attack or etch the substrate.
  • METALLINE TL-X STRIP is a liquid blend of chemicals that will rapidly strip Tin and Tin Lead plated deposits from brass and copper based alloys.  TL-X STRIP was designed to strip the plated deposits and leave a clean, active surface so parts can be immediately reprocessed.  When maintained properly TL-X STRIP can remove Tin and Tin Lead deposits at a rate of 0.3 – 0.6 mil per minute.
  • METALLINE CSP STRIPPER is a powdered immersion stripper that will rapidly remove Tin-Nickel plated deposits from nickel, copper and brass substrates.  CSP STRIPPER will also rapidly remove zirconium based PVD coatings from nickel and chrome plated surfaces.