Metalline Products

Zinc Stripper

Zinc metal is frequently stripped using an in-line Hydrochloric Acid Pickle.  For critical parts with hydrogen embrittlement limitations, it may be necessary to use an alkaline based stripper.

  • METALLINE ZS is a powdered alkaline immersion stripper that will rapidly remove zinc and galvanized deposits from steel substrates without concern of hydrogen embrittlement.  Utilizing METALLINE ZS off-line will extend the acid pickle life and help maintain production.  METALLINE ZS will not produce the black smut that often remains after stripping in hydrochloric acid.  METALLINE ZS will provide cost effective operating and long process bath life, holding up to a pound per gallon of dissolved zinc. METALLINE ZS will rapidly strip up to 0.5 mil per minute of electroplated or galvanized zinc metal.
  • AMBIENOL® C is a concentrated liquid detergent acid additive designed to attack strongly adherent surface layers of heat treat oxides and carbon weld scale.  AMBIENOL® C inhibits iron build up in your acid and emulsifies residual oil being drug down the process line, while providing a controlled foam blanket to reduce fuming.  AMBIENOL® C will also help prevent smut build up when stripping zinc off of steel in hydrochloric acid.