Metalline Products

Zinc Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Zinc metal is primarily plated in order to protect the base metal.  Metalline Corporation manufactures the following specialty corrosion resistant chemicals that protect zinc plated deposits: 

  • BP-965 is a concentrated high protection water based corrosion inhibitor for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. BP-965 does not contain any Nitrates, Amines, Phosphates or harmful chrome based components.  BP-965 is currently being used to prevent staining on nickel and silver plated deposits; to prevent rust from forming on machined steel in a spray applications; to prevent premature corrosion of pre-cleaned zinc die castings and to provide extended protection of brass plated musical instrument components.  BP-965 is also an excellent alternative to oil-based rust preventatives, providing a much cleaner option for preventing corrosion and oxidation during storage.
  • KORETARD™ SHIELD 403 is an organic, non-chrome liquid that will create a corrosion resistant film on all copper, brass, nickel, steel and zinc substrates.  KORETARD™ SHIELD 403 is added to dilute acidic solutions and is particularly effective for preventing corrosion after cleaning and pickling steel. Parts should be rinsed after being processed through an acidic solution containing KORETARD™ SHIELD 403.