Metalline Products

Yellow hexavalent chromates

Hexavalent Chromates provide excellent corrosion protection over zinc and cadmium plated deposits.  They impart a “self-healing” thin gelatinous film that when scratched, will still maintain its corrosion resistant integrity.  Metalline Chemical Corporation manufactures the following high protection yellow hexavalent chromates for zinc plated deposits:

  • AFTR-GLO® 529 is a liquid hexavalent yellow chromate for zinc and cadmium plated deposits. AFTR-GLO® 529 can produce colors ranging from a light iridescent yellow to a dark bronze film depending on the operating concentration and immersion time.  AFTR-GLO® 529 is chloride based, which helps reduce rub-off and poor adhesion on chloride zinc deposits.
  • TOPAZ™ HC is a liquid hexavalent highly corrosion resistant yellow/gold chromate for zinc plated deposits. TOPAZ™ HC may be used after chloride, cyanide or alkaline zinc plating systems in order to achieve a golden yellow finish with extremely high corrosion resistance. An excess of 250 salt spray hours to 5% white corrosion can be achieved on a consistent basis.  Long dip times are also possible without negatively affecting adhesion, making it ideal for automatic process machines that do not have the flexibility to adjust immersion times.
  • METALLINE 25P is a powdered hexavalent yellow chromate for zinc and cadmium plated deposits. The color can be varied with immersion time and concentration from a light iridescence to a deep bronze. 25P can also be used to provide a corrosion resistant coating on zinc die castings, hot dipped galvanizing, copper, brass and silver alloys. This protective coating can be used as a final finish or as a base for lacquers, paints and powder coating.