Metalline Products

Hexavalent Blue Bright Chromates

Hexavalent Chromates provide excellent corrosion protection over zinc and cadmium plated deposits.  They impart a “self-healing” thin gelatinous film that when scratched, will still maintain its corrosion resistant integrity.  Metalline Chemical Corporation manufactures the following high protection hexavalent blue-bright chromates for zinc plated deposits:

  • SAPPHIRE® 325 is a liquid highly corrosion resistant blue bright chromate for zinc plated deposits.  SAPPHIRE® 325 may be used after chloride, cyanide or alkaline zinc plating in order to achieve extremely high corrosion protection with a clear attractive blue finish.  An excess of 300 hours of salt spray protection to 5% white corrosion can consistently be expected with SAPPHIRE® 325.
  • AFTR GLO® PBS is a powdered hexavalent blue-bright chromate for zinc plated deposits. AFTR GLO® PBS provides a very attractive, lustrous, blue-bright finish with excellent corrosion resistance. This product is equally suitable for rack, barrel and basket dip operations.