Metalline Products

Plated Deposits

Metalline Corporation manufactures two unique plating systems that can provide attractive dark and black nickel finishes over brass, copper alloys and nickel plated deposits. Listed below is a brief description of the COLSTAR® decorative dark nickel process and the ECLIPSE® decorative black nickel process. 

  • COLSTAR® is an attractive dark nickel-alloy plating process that can be plated over brass, copper alloys and both bright and satin nickel deposits.  COLSTAR® is an environmentally friendly alternative to decorative hexavalent chrome, providing tremendous coverage and consistent color.  The COLSTAR® deposit has excellent functional properties as well, including exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
  • ECLIPSE® BN-99 is a single component powdered blend of metallic salts that will provide a beautiful Black Nickel plated deposit over brass, copper and nickel plated deposits.  A range of colors from light grey to jet black can be consistently achieved by adjusting current and immersion time.  The ECLIPSE® deposit can be highlighted and antiqued, and a final protective clear coat can be applied to enhance durability.