Metalline Products

Zinc Die Cast Chemical Polishes

Zinc Die Castings are often zinc plated in order to provide a decorative chromated finish.  Metalline Chemical Corporation manufactures two chemical processes that can polish and chromate zinc die castings in a single step.  This eliminates the need for zinc plating and reducing overall finishing costs.   

  • ZDP-92 is a liquid immersion chemical polish and chromate for zinc die cast alloys. ZDP-92 quickly produces a polished, corrosion-resistant surface that also serves as an excellent base for organic coatings, including paint. ZDP-92 produces an attractive iridescent finish that can be dyed for color identification or leached if a clear polished look is required.  Zamac #3 & #5 are two common alloys that are easily processed through ZDP-92.

  • ZP-960 is a liquid immersion chemical polish for zinc die cast alloys.  ZP-960 was designed to polish, de-burr and activate zinc die cast alloys prior to plating or chromating.  ZP-960 often eliminates the need for vibratory finishing or buffing. Zinc die castings containing higher levels of copper may require a subsequent deoxidizing step to remove metallic impurities from the surface.