Metalline Products

Brass & Copper Electrocleaners

Metalline Corporation manufactures a complete line of electrocleaners for removing oils, coolants, lubricants, smut and brazing scale from brass and copper alloys. Listed below is a brief description of our two best selling products.

  • ELECTRODET™ SE is a powdered combination soak and electrocleaner that is used for cleaning steel, brass, copper alloys, zinc die castings and some plated deposits. ELECTRODET™ SE is also an effective cathodic electrocleaner for brass, copper alloys and nickel plated work.
  • ELECTRODET™ 200 NP is a powdered alkaline electrocleaner that is used for cleaning steel, brass and copper alloys. ELECTRODET™ 200 NP is also a highly effective cathodic electrocleaner for brass and copper alloys.