Metalline Products

Carbon Scale Removal from steel

Metalline Corporation manufactures products that aid in the removal of heat treat and weld scales on steel and stainless steel substrates. If carbon scale is not eliminated from the metal surface, subsequent plating deposits will peel or blister.  The following products are used in conjunction to effectively remove carbon heat treat and weld scale: 

  • D-SCALETM L-2005 is a liquid, de-scaling cleaner designed to help enhance the removal of heat treat, annealing and weld scales from steel and stainless steel substrates. When using the D-SCALETM L-2005 you will experience shorter pickle times for the removal of stubborn scales and oxides.
  • AMBIENOL® C is a concentrated liquid detergent acid additive designed to attack strongly adherent surface layers of heat treat oxides and carbon weld scale.  AMBIENOL® C also inhibits iron build up in your acid and emulsifies residual oil being drug down the process line, while providing a controlled foam blanket to reduce fuming.