Metalline Products

Aluminum Etchants

Metalline Corporation manufactures several aluminum etch formulations. Listed below is a brief description of our two best selling products.

  • MAROXTM A-70 is a powdered alkaline etch for aluminum alloys. It is formulated to be used in aluminum processing cycles prior to anodizing, conversion coatings, spot welding or further processing. MAROXTM A-70 produces a consistent micro etch with a satin appearance.
  • AMBIDET® PS-96 is a liquid, high performance, acidic, oil emulsifying soak cleaner. AMBIDET® PS-96 is formulated to allow for cleaning, mild etching and de-smuting of extruded aluminum in one single step.  AMBIDET® PS-96 also cleans brazing oxides, scales and flux, and will brighten and activate the surface of brass and copper alloys. At the proper temperature and concentration, AMBIDET® PS-96 can be used to meet the ASTM A-967 specification for the passivation of stainless steel substrates.
  • METALLINE AX-1888 and AX-1889 are concentrated liquid etch extenders that allow sodium hydroxide based aluminum etch solutions to tolerate a higher concentration of dissolved aluminum. This reduces the amount of sludge and scale build up in the tank. Other benefits include: more consistent even etch, improved rinsibility, reduced fuming and overal operational cost reduction.