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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What kind of metal cleaners does METALLINE manufacture?

A. METALLINE manufactures AlkalineNeutral and Acidic cleaners that will remove all types of oils and processing scale from steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and zinc die castings.

Q. Does METALLINE manufacture plating processes?

A. METALLINE manufactures two plating processes: ECLIPSE®, which is a true black nickel and COLSTAR®, which is a dark nickel alloy designed to replace decorative chrome.

Q. What are the advantages of AQUAPOLISH® over other chemical polishes for copper and brass?

A. AQUAPOLISH® is environmentally friendly, highly stable and very easy to waste treat.  You can produce a mirror bright finish in a short amount of time with no measurable metal removal.

Q. What types of zinc chromates do you manufacture?

A. METALLINE was one of the first companies to develop high protection trivalent chromates for zinc (188TP-105HI TESTTM CC3 ), but we also manufacture a high protection hexavalent blue bright (SAPPHIRE® 325), a high protection yellow (TOPAZTM HC ), a high protection olive drab (OLIVE HT) and non-chrome blackening processes (BZ-89HECLIPSE® NCB). 

Q. What is unique about the METALGLEAMTM Electropolishes?

A. The METALGLEAMTM line of electropolishes are specially formulated to provide a wider operating window and reduced chemical maintenance.  This will allow for faster processing, improved brightness, less down time and higher production.

Q. Does METALLINE offer colored Dyes to color chromated zinc?

A. Yes, METALLINE offers a full line of colored Dyes that will absorb into the chromate film over zinc deposits. 

Q. What kind of Metal Strippers does METALLINE manufacture?

A. METALLINE manufactures a complete line of chemistries that will remove zinctinchromenickel and copper from steel, brass, copper and zinc die castings.


Q. How can I purchase METALLINE products?

A. Call (262-241-3200) or email ( and a knowledgeable salesperson will promptly respond to your request.

Q. From what location will METALLINE products ship?

A. METALLINE has direct warehousing facilities in Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL and Minneapolis, MN.  Many of our nationwide and worldwide distributors warehouse products at their own facilities for convenience. 

Q. Does METALLINE CORPORATION have a direct sales force?

A. Yes, METALLINE has a direct sales force in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Q. Where are the METALLINE distributors located?

A. METALLINE has distributors across the United States and Internationally.  We are always looking for new representation in uncovered regions.  In order to provide the best possible service, inquiries can be processed through the METALLINE corporate office and distributed accordingly.